Check out this article from Collective Evolution, taking on the “hushly” revered Ayahuasca plant and the shamanistic medicinal ritual which are now being considered to be the key into digging deep within one’s self to unleash dormant creative potential.

As an International Speaker and leading Social Forecaster, I believe that Ayahuasca is the ultimate gamechanger in building sustainable business. Having experienced it firsthand and believing that this endeavor needs to be recognized for real positive change in the world to happen, I pull in together the biggest influencers in the world such as Top CEO’s and celebrities in this project – “The Grand Initiative”.

In alignment with this philosophy is Michael Sanders, who also considers that Ayahuasca challenges paradigms of reality and opens minds to new ways of thinking about life and the universe. A CEO himself, Michael reveals in his book “Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment” what it’s like to experience Ayahuasca, and inspires readers to unlock their potential and find enlightenment.

Mark Guay writes this story.

Read the full article: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/08/17/can-ayahuasca-save-our-planet-the-grand-initiative/

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