How it works


Together with two of the most revered Shamans, medicine men and indigenous men and women in the world, we are requesting your presence for a gathering called “The Initiative“ at a private location in South America.

Note: These men or women may not call themselves “Shamans” in their native traditions.

This gathering spans seven days during which boundaries will be dissolved, not only between people, corporations and Mother Earth but also within yourself.

This is an opportunity that will transform and create the deepest level of healing for your life and the world as both are tied together. This opportunity is not for everyone. It is for those who have done it all and still know that there’s more.

The two Shamans are considered to be the most skilled medicine men and women in the world. Getting them together is not an easy task. Think of this call as not just coming from the Shamans but from Mother Earth herself. Not everyone fully comprehends the world that lies beyond the physical. These people, together with the sacred ceremonies, will help you understand THAT at an experiential level as well as how it works with the physical domain. Questions that are left unanswered in spite of all your achievements to date will be addressed in the deepest part of yourself.

We are coming from all over the world for this gathering. The only people in this gathering will be the Shamans, the Shaman’s helpers, some of my staff and myself. This gift, once received, will be valued beyond any material good that you can give to yourself.

We will also facilitate business conversations and leadership talks during the day if you would like to participate in the exclusive network.

How much does it cost?

Jeffrey Slayter will fund and cover all costs of organizing the trip including accommodation and food.

Your flights to the venue in South America are not covered as part of this initiative.    

You may contribute to the organizer whatever you feel you would like to contribute towards this initiative at the end but it is not a requirement.

This contribution will cover the costs of the next retreat and support future gatherings. 

Where is it located?

This will be disclosed privately.

What is the experience of the Shamans?

The Shamans have conducted thousands of transformational experiences. Once the Shamans have been announced, their full biographies will be provided.