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Jeffrey Slayter is one of the world’s leading social forecasters. An international best-selling author, Speaker, Philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Jeffrey has influenced the lives of millions and is the globally sought-after thought leader for top executives, CEOs, businesses and change-makers.

Jeffrey was born in Hawaii and is of Hawaiian heritage. He has a natural love for the earth, sea, entrepreneurship, and ancient traditions. He then moved to Silicon Valley California, which is home to the largest global technological companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and eBay.

jeff-fireHe grew up in an entrepreneur household. He achieved success in multiple industries by the age of 31 including Global Training, Internet Marketing, and Corporate Consulting. He spends some of his time supporting businesses and people who are passionate about making positive differences in the world by showing them how to create financial success and how to promote and position themselves in a market place while still staying true to their values.

Jeffrey has worked with over 3 million people in 12 countries worldwide, and personally consults Fortune 500 companies.

As the author of Imagine (Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business), Jeffrey has come to unite alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems that can help individuals serve humanity with mastery.

He also had the privilege to share the stage with other global leaders including:

stageSir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin)

Tim Ferriss (Author of 4-Hour Work Week)

Frank Kern (Highest paid internet marketer in the world)

Anthony Robbins (World-renown trainer, speaker and coach)

John Gray (Best-selling author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus)

Dr. John F. Demartini (The Secret)

Bob Proctor (The Secret)

Les Brown (International motivational speaker) and many more…

In his spare time, you might find him enthusiastically delving into philosophies, meditation, and leadership practices. He also collaborates with elders from indigenous cultures, builds his business portfolio, and stay at the cutting edge of the most powerful information available today for a sovereign humanity.

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