What does this Initiative do?

We are a membership designed to dissolve the barriers between the human family, Mother Earth and corporations.

This is an ongoing initiative to bring together the top leadership of this planet and accelerate the global awakening of the human family.

People from all walks of life desire to protect the planet. We share this intention and work towards spreading the message of awakening to the Western world.

How do we do it?

The first step to joining this Initiative is attending a by invitation only seven day “Rite of Passage” Ceremony Experience.

This is designed to give the leaders of this planet a safe, effective place to explore themselves and enhance empathy for their welfare and that of the human family and all other sentient beings.

The second step happens after the full completion of this seven day Experience. You will have a final interview and the option to join other Initiative members worldwide. Their names will be disclosed only after you have completed this seven Day Rite of Passage.

The ongoing membership includes invites to additional meetings with like-minded Initiative leaders in exotic locations and gatherings to address critical world issues. This is a group which leverages on the collective strength of our unique members to birth powerful ideas, connections, opportunities, and initiatives to support humanity and Mother Earth.

This Initiative is for the following leaders and people of influence:

  • 1 of the 1,645 billionaires on the planet

  • Founders or CEOs of billion dollar companies

  • A-list celebrities in one’s country of origin

  • Top Athletes

This gathering is not a public event or a televised program.

This is by invitation only leadership and rite of passage experience conducted only twice a year. It is located in an undisclosed location in South America and is 100% complimentary and funded by Jeffrey Slayter and contributors.  You must either be referred by someone in the group or have received an invitation to be approved for any of its gatherings.

Dear Friend,

If you are one of the successful and accomplished CEOs, and or celebrities on the planet, you are in a unique position for global influence. You have experienced every social event, travelled most of the planet and have the resources to do ALMOST anything you want.

As you know, a new era of business has arrived: people and the planet are just as important as profits. This is the only way the human family will survive in the long run.

We recognize profits must be made at this time. Yet our planet and fellow humans are just as important or they must at least take greater precedence in our values system and choices. We know that you may have heard these words before. This invitation is different because it involves your own personal transformation and an adventure of a lifetime – on us.

Your corporation may have already acknowledged and taken concrete steps to uphold the importance of people and planet over profits. But there is always more to be done and we want to support you.

Humanity is at the brink of destroying itself and YOU are in the position to steer this ship in a different direction. We are calling on you because our vast experience with organizations and human beings has consistently shown that transformation, as you know begins with leaders and advisors whose inspired change has incredible ripple effects on others.

This is why we are funding this initiative. If your application to this gathering is accepted, you will be gifted with this enchanted journey along with other successful peers.


Jeffrey Slayter